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The Ascendancy Trilogy

“I didn’t manage to put it down until I finished it. I loved the story.”

“The story begins like an episode of Firefly before accelerating into something with far more subtlety and depth.”

“I couldn’t resist being drawn into this intrusive, unwanted yet intimate tie between the two.”

“The novel itself is fast moving with an adventuring, ethical woman hero I liked a lot.”

“Fascinating set up for this new universe, filled with believable characters, incredible aliens, and the highest stakes.”

“Without a doubt, every page, every new twist is astounding, funny and so realistic it can speed your heart beat.”

“The Deep Link is one of those books that attempts a completely alien POV in the character of Amharr and succeeds. […] It’s incredibly refreshing.”

“Hope is a passion for the possible.”
― Søren Kierkegaard

While I am many things (among them an occasional author), the most important of them is an optimist. I deeply believe in our potential for greatness, in our ability to reinvent ourselves and our world and to continuously evolve. And while keeping hope alive in the midst of environmental destruction, humanitarian crises, and the AI (r)evolution is really hard, the alternative is not an alternative at all.

Through openness and connection, through honesty and courage, and, when all else fails — through raw, genuine art — hope always prevails.